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As I think of how architecture will respond to the new normal of how we live with social distancing becoming the normal, I look back to projects I have completed that focus on expanding our existing homes.  Residential additions make up the bulk of our work at PINNELLA I KAHNG architecture studio.  GUEST SUITES, HOME OFFICES, POOL HOUSES, HOME STUDIOS, HOME GYMS and CABANAS are some of the living spaces we have added to homes over the years.  Some of these spaces were detached from the home or remodeled into the home.

As we move forward in these new times, architecture will need to respond to how we live in our homes.  Our homes will need to be connected to outdoor spaces more thoughtfully.  We will be spending more time in our homes doing activities that we used to leave home to do.  Our homes will need more of the spaces I have mentioned above that can provide multi-functional use for how we will be using them in the future. 

The following are examples of project that show how you can expand the use of your home or design into your new home.  We are here to help you and bring years of experience designing these types of spaces.  Stay safe and I look forward to being able to help you with your architectural needs as we keep calm and carry on.

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